Drug Use Issues in Security Clearance Cases

By John V. Berry, Esq., www.berrylegal.com

One of the more common issues that arise in the context of security clearance investigations is the issue of illegal drug usage and prescription drug usage (by other than the intended recipient) for federal employees and government contractors. This is regulated by Adjudicative Guideline H for those holding or seeking a security clearance. We represent federal employees and government contractors before all federal, intelligence and military agencies. This article discusses the issues that many individuals face with respect to drug usage and their security clearance.

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Self-Reporting Security Clearance Issues


By John V. Berry, Esq., www.berrylegal.com

Our law firm represents security clearance holders in security clearance investigations
and appeals. We also represent individuals that need to determine how and what to report involving new security concerns. One of the frequently misunderstood issues is a security clearance holder’s continuing duty to report on themselves for newly arising security concerns. In other words, self-reporting usually involves reporting a security incident in between the 5-10 year period for re-investigation. Federal agencies are slowly moving towards a system of continuous evaluation for clearance holders, but there is still a major duty for a clearance holder to self-report significant security concerns that arise between investigations. This can pose a problem where a person is essentially told to report on themselves. It causes many conflicts for clients.


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