Consultation Process

At Berry & Berry, PLLC, we meet with individuals to assess their security clearance issues and to provide a review of their concerns and initial guidance during our initial consultation.  Our goal is to fully examine your security clearance matter, assess the issues involved and to provide an individual with legal advice and guidance.  The consultation is confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege. In advance of the consultation, we review the documentation that has been submitted by the individual, usually the relevant portions of the , SF-85, SF-85P, SF-86/e-QIP, Notice of Intent to Revoke, Statement of Reasons, Suitability Notice and/or other security clearance documentation and then meet with the individual affected, in person or by telephone to go over the individual case.

The partner in charge of the firm’s security clearance practice takes initial consultations personally. The consultation generally takes an hour and can take place in our offices or by telephone, depending on preference and location. Following the consultation, the partner will make an assessment of the case (if further representation or advice is needed) and prepare a written summary of their thoughts on the case for review by the prospective client and potential steps in moving forward with legal representation.  It is an honor and privilege for us to meet with and represent individuals affected by security clearance issues and we take each case seriously.

For in office consultations, our offices are shown below: